The Creative Bubble: Campfire Session with Dyana Valentine

Welcome to the newest addition to Illuminated Mind: The Campfire Sessions. After getting back from a camping trip about a year ago with a bunch of awesome people, I was left thinking about all of the incredible conversations we had around the campfire. Kim Wood was one of those people, and she said to me: “Jonathan, you know what would be really awesome? If we could have conversations like that more often.” And I thought, Hell yeah, let’s do it.

Even though this series of discussions won’t be happening over a “real” campfire any time soon, I have to credit Kim for the idea.

So the way this works is I get on video and talk with cool people about interesting things. It might be projects they’re working on, a world-changing idea, or just talking shop about business. Half of the video gets posted here, the other half on their blog.

The reason I’m doing this instead of the traditional interview format is because:

  1. I’m really not very good at interviews, and they tend to get boring to me really quickly.
  2. I want to increase cross-blog conversation. Interviews tend to just stick to one place and not much pollination happens between sites.
  3. Interviews tend to be “here’s an expert that’s going to tell you how X is done,” while my goal for the campfire discussions is more “here’s two people jamming about X, want to join in?”
  4. I really love doing videos and I want to improve my video presence. I figure this is one way to force myself to get better. Showing up and doing something over and over is a strategy that’s worked well for me.

So without further ado, here is the first campfire session with Dyana Valentine, talking about the creative bubble. She’s an incredible coach and just all around magnetic person that helps self-starters finish. I was first turned on to Dyana when I saw her in Danielle’s Fire Starter Sessions, and again with her Pitch Perfect program.

You can check out part two of the session on Dyana’s blog here.

The campfire discussions are about conversation. So, we want to know what you think. How do you get into your creative groove?

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