Note: This is part of a series on momentum. You can view the full series here.

Warning: I’m going to call you out on this one.

You fail at your goals mostly for one reason. You know what it is too, don’t you?

You’re completely freaking unreasonable.

We all make this mistake though. We think we can do it all!

Our hubris and naivety leads us to inflated expectations of what we can achieve at a given time.

One change isn’t enough — we must transform everything!… Click to read more

Note: This is part of a series on momentum. You can view the full series here.

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” Bullshit.

Everyone wishes they had more hours in the day. But you don’t need more hours to get things done.

There is a simple way you can double the amount you accomplish, right now. And it doesn’t involve:

  • More time
  • More resources
  • More planning
  • More energy

It involves something much, much simpler than that.

Making decisions

But not just deciding what you want to do, in some kind of vague, esoteric way.… Click to read more

Note: This is part of a series on momentum. You can view the full series here.

Are you focusing every day on activities that grow your business, or are you only doing thing that keep it going?

Too much work on maintenance activities is a common mistake most people make. It’s easy to get sucked into no matter what stage of business you’re at.

This is all good and fine if you either don’t care about growing, or if your business has reached an “escape velocity” stage where it’s growing without you doing anything.… Click to read more

The success or failure of every project I’ve worked on has come down to one thing. The supply of an elusive, sometimes maddeningly mystical fuel source.


Even the word momentum has a beautiful, addictive quality to it when spoken.

Mo-ment-um. Yum.

It rolls off your tongue smoothly. It’s like the intoxicating sweetness of salted caramel, with a ZING of tart apple crispness.

It has the burning energy of muscles pumping, sweat dripping with a cool, exhilarating autumn breeze. Runner’s high does indeed feel a lot like momentum.… Click to read more

Note from Jonathan: This is a guest post by Michael Hellerslien. He is an incredible coach, rising star and beautiful human being. I encourage you to check out his free video series here on unlocking your genius.

In order to navigate the journey to getting paid to give your gifts, it helps to have a roadmap.

This post gives you such a road map, allowing you to identify the stage you’re in, and see what’s coming down the road.

With a map in hand, you can see what’s coming, anticipate potential challenges, and not waste time jumping ahead.… Click to read more