A Birthday Extravaganza & Best of Illuminated Mind

If you haven’t guessed yet by the title, today is my 23rd birthday. It’s hard to believe that another year of my life has passed. I won’t be really cliche right now and say “wow, it went by so fast.” Contrary to many people, I don’t think life is short. Life is long.

I have had a special treat for you today. I figured instead of asking for gifts and petitioning well-wishes, I would give you a gift instead.

But something went wrong, so I won’t be unveiling Illuminated Mind’s newest feature just yet. I would tell you what it’s all about. But that would ruin the surprise, right?

So here’s my second best gift to you today: the best-of Illuminated Mind. Here are the posts that shocked and inspired millions a few people. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Liberate Your Life: Put Yourself on Auto-Response
  2. Enlightenment is Overrated
  3. 10 Counterintuitive Ways to Improve Your Life
  4. The Cult of Productivity & the Art of Purposeless Living
  5. 33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons (over 100,000 views)
  6. Living Freestyle; Life Without a Template
  7. Embracing Creative ADD and Thinking Inside the Circle
  8. 5 Signs You’ve Married Your Problems (and how to divorce them)
  9. 10 Ways to Avoid Brainwashing
  10. The Secret to Happiness: Stop Caring
  11. 6 Keys to Develop the Action Habit
  12. 7 Rules To Re-Claim the Ownership of Your Mind

This is a great intro of the best articles here for anyone new to this blog.

OKAY. So if you really want to give me a present for my birthday (who doesn’t like presents?) here’s what you can do:

  1. Tell someone about Illuminated Mind, email someone an article, link to one of my posts on your blog, or add me to your blogroll. Hell, I’d be happy if you told your cat.
  2. Make a donation in appreciation of my hard work to help make your life a little easier.
  3. Digg, stumble, or del.icio.us bookmark, or vote for one of my articles in some way.
  4. Link back to Illuminated Mind with this button (super cool, I made it myself).
  5. Go to this article and rate it at the bottom (click on the little stars). If you give me a good rating, I might win a super cool prize.
  6. Lastly, subscribe to Illuminated Mind (if you haven’t already).

Tomorrow I’ll be posting “year of change” article here, talking about what I’ve learned and the goals I’ve accomplished in the past year, as well as my new goals for this coming year. That’s it for now, I’m off to have Thai food and celebrate with my (most beautiful) wife.

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