The Biggest Roadblocks to Following Your Dreams

Last year I released the first edition to Reclaim Your Dreams. It was purchased over 500 times and reviewed over and over. And I read this awesome email this morning:

“…your “Reclaim Your Dreams” ebook gave me the motivation to take a huge leap in my life and career. I recently cut my hours at my fulltime gig so I could concentrate on building my empire”

I love getting notes like that.

So, now I’m getting ready to release the second, expanded and updated edition. It will include new content, updated resources, exercises and a new design. It will also have a special bonus for the first few people that pick it up.

But before I get ready to release it, I want to cover anything that you want to know when it comes to following your dreams, and your own path.

Whatever questions are asked the most, I will cover in the new edition of the book.

So, I want to know:

  • What is the biggest question you have when it comes to following your dreams?
  • What obstacles do you want to overcome?
  • And… What calls you to follow your dreams?

Please leave a comment below, I’m looking forward to reading it.

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