Are You Getting High on Self Help?

Are You Getting High on Self Help?

Did you know that buying a new book can release the same endorphins as if you were having sex?

A recent study showed that purchases of material things give momentary highs, while purchases of experiences give more lasting highs. But whether they fizzle out quickly or linger longer, both give you the sensation of fleeting bliss.

A similar experience happens any time you’re attempting to make a personal change.

I’ve known people who are addicted to buying books yet they’ve read less than 20% of what’s on their shelves. That’s because buying a new book on happiness, productivity or money gives you the illusion of having a solution (releasing a momentary rush of endorphins).

However, nothing has actually changed.

The same phenomenon occurs when you read a self-help article on a blog, an inspiring quote on Twitter or see a motivational video on Facebook. You get a quick high. Your life feels better. Something is different. Now you’re going to go and take action!

That’s great, IF you use that to fuel action. That is where real change occurs — doing the work every single day to create positive habits and beliefs.

It’s not sexy, it’s not a constant high or peak state of awestricken excitement. But it’s what destinies are made of.

Books, articles and blogs can actually get in the way of you transforming if you kid yourself into thinking that they’re creating real change. You can end up chasing the next epiphany or the immaculate blueprint for success.

Can knowledge inspire you to change? Yes, absolutely. But remember, the real change happens when you get busy doing the work.

I love hearing your experiences. Have you ever got caught up in chasing the next solution, when you really just needed to get working? (God knows I have.)

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1: Source: The Journal of Positive Psychology

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