The Rise of the Anti-Authority

The Rise of the Anti-Authority


For a long time, authorities needed to be well decorated, institutionalized and formally educated.

Not anymore.

People everywhere are rising up and becoming their own authorities. They’re self qualifying, rather than relying on outside approval and traditional sanctioning.

The old path to success is fast becoming a graveyard. The new route is the next great adventure. But it’s not like The Wild West, a mystery waiting to be unveiled that will soon lose its luster. This pursuit will remain unknown, because you are the only one that can trek it. You’re the only one that can walk this path. All others are taken.

If you’d like to bypass all the ladders and stepping stones, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible.

So, what is an anti-authority and how do you become one?

An anti-authority is someone that gains their expertise not through formal training, but by self education and their own experience. Their inborn talents, unique path and achievement allow them to be a conduit and channel for helping others. Because they have walked the path, they can light the way for fellow trailblazers. They’ve created their own maps along the way, then burned them.

Anti-authorities know that being true to themselves is the route to genuine fulfillment. They become leaders and experts not by seeking to improve themselves, but by embracing and actualizing their highest selves. The light they shine is brilliant because it comes from a roaring fire of passion within, not by fluorescent bulbs lit by the nods of others.

What are some of the benefits of being an anti-authority?

Autonomy. Self expression. Bypassing gatekeepers.

Who are these self determined individuals?

  • Cara is doing it through 17,000 days, her journey to finding happiness and sharing her story with the world.
  • Ethan is doing it with Cloud Coach; transferring his knowledge to help offline small business owners create an online presence.
  • Vashte is changing the handmade community with Make One, and inspiring her generation to make knitting and upcycling cool.
  • Dave is helping people with Stress Free Productivity, using his own unique experience of getting frustrated with systems that didn’t work for him, and helping people create habits that work for them.
  • Ev’Yan is leveraging her own unique experience to help people embrace their true selves and become sex positive with Sex, Love and Liberation.

These are just a few people that are leaving the template to create something on their own terms. There is a whole community out there waiting to support you too.

What unique experience do you have that self qualifies you as an authority? When will you join us?

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