Paid to Exist is about eliminating the separation between what you get paid to do and what you love so that you can contribute to your world and live a life of freedom.

Do you want to close the gap between getting paid handsomely and working on your own terms?

Well, it just so happens you’re in the right place. That’s our specialty.

We believe that there’s a new paradigm of work emerging that’s starting to take root in the world. At least, there’s an opportunity for it to become the new paradigm. It’s up to us to make it happen.

It’s a way of navigating guided by the intersecting goals of service, passion and freedom. And most importantly, the merging of work and play where you can no longer tell the difference between the two.

I hated waking up every day to go chain myself to a cubicle for another eight hours, so I finally did something and took my freedom back.

Jonathan Mead

Hi, my name is Jonathan Mead and I’m the founder of Paid to Exist. I’m not the only one that runs this place, but let me tell you a little bit about my story.

Once upon a time, I worked at what I lovingly called “survival jobs.” I worked at these establishments to pay the bills and I didn’t question things much. I did what my parents taught me, and they did what their parents taught them. “Work is an act of sacrifice, not a pursuit of happiness,” they said.

I followed a pre-determined path well worn by my ancestors.

But eventually I started to see through the facade. Like a curtain slowly pulled back, I came to understand that what I had come to believe was really an elaborate act of smoke and mirrors.

I saw that participation in a world where work was drudgery wasn’t mandatory — it just seemed that way because everyone had agreed to it.

Very few stopped to question the lives they were leading. But after dreading going to yet another boring Monday meeting, I did. And I found that there was another way, one where you are the master of your own destiny and in control of your own freedom.

Within a few short months, I built a small business helping others with personal growth, a big passion of mine. A year later, it allowed me to reclaim my freedom. I gave my two week notice and said goodbye to dead-end work for good.

I never looked back.

It’s now my mission to share what I’ve learned and help others transform their work into acts of joy, freedom and service.

What can Paid to Exist help you with?

We want to create a safe space — a lab of sorts — for you to step out, take big risks and finally create the life you’ve imagined.

We can help you to…

  • build a lifestyle business you can conduct anywhere
  • make the type of income you deserve for your skills and expertise
  • step into your own role of leadership and purpose
  • seize a life of freedom and contribution
  • cultivate amazing relationships with other world changers that will transform your life forever
  • create your own niche and finally identify that “thing” you’re destined to do
  • build a legacy worth remembering

We promise that we’ll never sell you false promises or opportunity schemes. We’ll always be straightforward and honest with you. This undertaking takes effort and practice because we weren’t born into a world that leads us into being paid to exist.

And this isn’t about entitlement. No one owes you anything. But you can choose to deliberately create a new way of operating in the world.

On Your Terms

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Who’s responsible for all this troublemaking?

Read below to get to know us better (and don’t hesitate to say hi; we’d love to hear from you).

Jonathan HeadshotJonathan Mead

Jonathan is the founder and Chief Troublemaker behind Paid to Exist. He’s passionate about content creation, personal transformation and really good beer. When he’s not scheming up ideas to help people work on their own terms, you can usually find him trailrunning, doing gymnastics or practicing Jeet Kune Do.

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Favorite hobby: Conspiring with fellow world changers and doing bodyweight training in the forest.

Cedric photoCedric Kieffer

Cedric, our kickass Community Manager, keeps our operations rocking n’ rolling day after day. He’s on a personal mission to save as many souls as possible from corporate slavery … one at a time. Will you be the next one?

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Favorite hobby: Worshipping hair metal legends while hedonistically enjoying life as his French mum taught him to.

Sofie Aiko

Sofie Aiko is the wearer of many hats. She is our Chief Compliance Officer, using tough love to keep the rest of the team in line; she is the Overseer of Operations, dedicated to maintaining supreme production levels; and if you ever enter the PTE Headquarters, she is our Executive Greeter, giving warm greetings with a wagging tail and frantic feet. When she’s not running a tight ship, she’s sleeping.

Favorite hobby: Chasing squirrels and gnawing on her bone.

All right, so what’s next?

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