September 2013

11 Unconventional Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Work

Sometimes every day at work can feel like a battle you’ve already lost. You nestle down only to find that you’d rather punch yourself in the face than go through the same routine yet another day.

Resistance sinks in like a battery that slowly drains every ounce of energy in your being. Inspiration is nowhere to be found — just the same old self-doubt and stuckness. You feel like one of those wind-up, key-turn dolls. Programmed to move toward inevitable defeat.

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I used to think that surrendering to something bigger than myself was a sign of weakness. I was raised as a Mormon and saw a lot of people in my church “putting their life in the hands of God,” yet they seemed complacent and lazy.

It felt as if they wanted God to do everything for them. They didn’t want to be collaborators with a Higher Source, they wanted to go limp like a doll, their lives being pulled along by puppet strings.

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