April 2013

Be honest with yourself. Is there something greater you want to give to the world than what you’re offering now?

I have no doubt that you have dreams, guts and glorious plans. You’re not okay with average.

No, you want to leave a mark on the universe.

And no matter how you try, you just can’t silence the call of your heart. It’s borderline deafening.

Now there’s only one thing holding you back from taking the leap to giving your gifts full time:


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Seven Counterintuitive Ways to Be Insanely Productive

If you’re a misfit like me, the typical productivity advice just hasn’t worked for you.

You know what I’m talking about, the standard narrative of:

  • Create one inbox for processing everything.
  • Batch all like tasks together.
  • Use a system to manage yourself.

All of this advice is great, but it doesn’t work for the ADD stricken, creative misfit, right-brained tribe.

Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is awesome for certain people. I have many friends that absolutely¬†thrive¬†on GTD and the standard productivity hacks and tricks.¬†

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