December 2012

End of the Year Pay What You Can Sale!

What if 2013 could be exactly the way you desire it to be?

I believe that it can.

Life can be precisely the way we want it to if we’re willing to do the work to change it. But sometimes you need the right tools and support to help make it happen.

Well, we at PTE have decided to do something special to help kick off this upcoming new year with oomph! and enthusiasm.

For the next 72 hours, we’re offering all of our products on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

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How to Create Predictable Income Doing What You Love

The funny thing about freedom is that it often feels inextricably tied to security and what’s known.

Freedom seems infinite, endless; one lives by the seat of their pants, traverses the open road, destination unknown.

But we don’t truly feel safe to explore and venture out without an anchor making us feel safe to do so.

Have you ever noticed that most relationships with two wild, free-spirited and carefree people rarely ever works?

The majority of successful relationships I’ve witnessed are where one half is earth and the other wind.

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Finding the Pro Within You (waiting to burst out)

There are a few aims in life that demand total devotion and engulfment of your energies. The highest of those is creating a truly fulfilling, deep and life-long relationship with your chosen romantic partner.

Second to that is going all in with calculated abandon and fully giving yourself to your greatest work in the world.

If you want to make quitting and working for yourself inevitable, you must, with all of your heart, soul and mind, transform from the life of the amateur to the life of the professional.

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