November 2012

When it comes to quitting your job and creating a true freedom business, there are really only two choices: You can either be a naive quitter or a strategic quitter.

The naive quitter adapts himself to the world. You probably know someone like this. He’s always trying to check off all the right boxes and meet the proper quotas. He attempts success through predetermined paths and traditional routes set out before him.

The naive quitter believes that if he just “follows the right steps” and works hard enough, everything will work out.

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What You’ve Been Waiting For: The Job Escape Preparedness Kit

Note: This a follow up to these two posts. Thank you for all of your encouragement, we’re going full steam ahead with our plans.

In the beginning, I never thought any of this was possible.

As a young kid I’d complain to my Dad about having to go to school. I’d tell him how much I despised homework and chores, to which he’d reply, “You’re lucky you only have to go to school. Just wait until you get a job.

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[Note: This is a follow up to this post in which we received over 100 comments. Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm, openness and energy. It truly humbles and means the world to me. Thank you.]

Okay, so I’m sorry about leaving you hanging like that in the last post.

I needed to give some space to the message of the bigger vision we’re stepping into, and not muddle it by talking about this specific project I’m thinking about undertaking.

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I just recently got back from a trip to Santa Barbara at an event that changed my life, and caused me to rethink the way I view everything about Paid to Exist.

There were some great speakers, including Eben Pagan, Marie Forleo and Les McKeown (who was by far my favorite — it’s hard not to love a funny Irish guy).

The talks were good, fantastic even. But there’s one thing I completely didn’t expect to get out of this experience.

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Basic Training: How to Start Your Business (Before You Start Your Business)

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sean Ogle of Location 180.

These days, with so many people proclaiming how easy it is to build a business online, everyone is trying to do it.

Unfortunately, almost all of them are going to fail.

It’s not because they don’t have a good enough idea, aren’t smart enough, or don’t have the work ethic to do it. I’m living proof that just about anyone can build a successful business online. The problem is that very few people take the time to approach it the right way, and follow a process that’s proven to work.

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