April 2012

Are You Riding Waves or Creating Them?

It’s easy to follow a template. It’s easy to do what’s already been done.

But was that what you were brought on this earth to do? Play someone else’s game, follow in someone else’s footsteps?

I don’t think so.

When you ride waves, you’re always behind. You’re always trying to catch up with the latest trend, the newest marketing tactic. Today it’s Pinterest, yesterday it was Google Plus.

Last century it was the American Dream. Now it’s the Lifestyle Design Dream.

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The #1 Reason You Second-Guess Your Value (and how to stop it)

You know that you have something of great importance to share with the world. You know this is a cause that needs to be spread.

It’s burning a hole in your gut, and it’s taking everything you can to not let it burst out from within you.

But instead of fireworks and a blaze of glory…

Dead air.

Somewhere between the passion, the avalanche of ideas, and the torrent of enthusiasm entered a familiar foe: the Voice of “Reason.”

Cunningly, he pretends to be your friend, your ally, and most importantly, your Protector.

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