February 2012

How I Stay Productive and Get Massive Amounts of Shit Done

Just like anyone else, I battle distraction and opportunity overwhelm on a daily basis.

There are so many things I could do, that might be worth it. And there is always a deluge of interesting things passing by that pique my curiosity. A funny video on Facebook, an interesting article on Twitter, a new opportunity in my inbox.

The battle for focus is one that I wage daily. And the fight never ends.

I’m always curious how other people stay productive, focus on what matters and finish what they start.

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Is Technology Doing You More Harm Than Good?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Ethan Waldman of Cloud Coach.

“We live in an extraordinary time” – Fernando Flores

I have often thought about that quote and how it rings true throughout many aspects of my life. If I really try to get to the bottom of it, I find the most extraordinary of our current time is the pace, availability, and sheer diversity of the technology that’s out there.

There’s technology for communicating, selling, socializing. Mobile technology, microtechnology, technology built into our thermostat.

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How to Overcome Distractions

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Eric Klein of  WisdomHeart.org

Imagine a professional basketball player stepping up to the free throw line. He bounces the ball a few times before looking to the basket. Above the rim, through the plexi-glass backboard, he can see row upon row of people shouting and waving. And they’re not shouting encouragement. They’re trying to distract him from making the shot.

He can’t make them stop. He can’t tell them to go away. All he can do is .

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If You Want to Finish More, Do This

If you’ve been struggling to make progress toward your goals, I have some controversial feedback for you:

You’re not doing it right.

Yep, you heard that right. It’s not because you don’t have enough resources (you do). It’s not because you need permission (you don’t). It’s not because you’re not prepared enough (you are).

And it’s ESPECIALLY not because you’re not “good enough” — you are incredible.

The real reason is…

How to start kicking ass immediately

If you want to quit your job, follow your dreams or achieve a big goal, you need to master one thing:


Okay, that seems deceptively simple.

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Okay, I’m a little late getting this message up.

Things have been a bit crazy over here at Illuminated Mind headquarters with launch madness. But, we did it!

Trailblazer is now LIVE and open for enrollment:


We’ve been hard at work over the last several months tearing things down and rebuilding Trailblazer from the ground up. We’ve improved all of the content. We’ve added case studies and checklists for every single training module, and revamped just about everything.

And last December we launched this video that created quite a stir in our little community:

And now we’re ready to let in a brand new group of Trailblazers into the member’s area (we have around 50 new recruits as of this writing).

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