August 2011

How the World of Self Help Died (and the new era of living on your own terms)

The old world of Self Help is dying like a slowly falling giant.

It was based on trying to conform and operate more effectively in an old paradigm. If you look at the shelves of the old Self Help section, they’re filled with books on how to win friends, achieve success, and get more done.

The majority of them were created to help people adhere to a world that was foreign and false. Instead of defining life on their own terms, they came to the conclusion that they were broken and needed fixing.

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How to Move Beyond Fear

Sometimes I think about what I would do if fear wasn’t getting in my way. And the way I would be living terrifies me.

Throughout the evolution of my life and Illuminated Mind, I realize that when I was doing great things, I was nearly always scared.

Doing things beyond your known powers creates a deep sense of uncertainty. What if it doesn’t work? is usually the dominant thought circling through my brain. In fact, I can’t remember a time where this hasn’t been the case.

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You Are Not a Machine; How to Stop Compartmentalizing Your Life

This post was written by Logan Marshall, who just published a guide to reclaiming our natural, wild movement. 

For thousands of years, dating back to the Enlightenment period in Europe and before, humans have been trying to comprehend how the universe operates, to logically understand things like why the seasons change, how the heart functions and why gravity exists. While this period saw many groundbreaking discoveries, it also instilled in humans an overly analytical mindset that has had some serious negative repercussions.

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The Myth of Time Management (and the secret weapon of enthusiasm)

A lot of people claim the key to getting things done is managing your time. And I agree.

But that’s a really short-sighted approach. What if you want to do more than just get things done?

If you want to have impact and do Great Work, then you need to move beyond just “getting things done.”

So, instead of just managing your time, I think the highest leverage thing you can do is manage your intention. What are you focused on right now?

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