June 2011

22 Life-Changing Guides For $97 (normally over $1,000)

Yes, it’s time for another amazing deal. This time, we present to you a life-changing array of incredible guides to rock your life.

23 of the top online personal development leaders have come together to offer their guides in one ridiculous package.

I’m honored to be a part of this smorgasbord of usefulness. For the next 72 hours you can buy Reclaim Your Dreams and 22 other digital guides for $97 only. The normal “retail” price buying these guides separately would add up to about $1,087.

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Meaningless Dreams

Dreams that involve helping others and changing the world are considered valid and honorable. These are the admirable, socially approved dreams.

But what about dreams that are meaningless to others? What if your dream is to climb every mountain in the world? Or what if you just want to jump off things?

We give up on a lot of dreams because they don’t “have a point” or aren’t contributing to society. So many of us try to determine if we’ll do something by whether or not it serves others.

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Faith is Finally Allowing It To Happen


For the past three months, I have been allowing incredible new doors to open for me, as I work to build Cloud Coach and connect with people that I can share my expertise with. For me, allowing it to happen has made all the difference. I finally decided to follow my passion and ask for the help I needed to get my business off the ground.

Since I started to allow my business to take root, I’ve realized that the tools are out there to help you succeed and complete whatever it is you want to do.

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The Aftermath of Trailblazer

The wake of Trailblazer has started to subside. In this post, I’ll share with you how the launch went and the aftermath our trailblazing community has created (I heard it was felt in neighboring countries worldwide).

Last March I opened up the inaugural inception of Trailblazer. It was luminous and smokin’. The first 35 spots sold out, and after careful consideration, we decided to open a few more which went quickly as well. This was our first multiple five figure launch.

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The Radical Implications of Showing Up Completely Alive

You have two choices:

Go through the motions, or show up completely and radically alive.

The first is better than not showing up at all. It’s essential for the days when you just aren’t feeling it and need to overcome inertia. But it pales in comparison to the possibilities of showing up enthusiastic and fully self-possessed.

The implications of showing up alive include…

  • Noticing hidden opportunities
  • Getting out of your head and operating in a bigger way
  • Letting go of your petty worries
  • Fully enjoying and appreciating where you are
  • Making a massive impact

I could keep going on, but showing up completely alive is about more than clever bullet points.

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