April 2011

How to Create Your Own Private Cartel

You see it all the time. The same big names promoting each other; from the outside it looks like a conspiracy or coalition designed to support a mutual interest.

Maybe you thought it was arrogant or elitist. Or… maybe you secretly wanted a cartel of your own. A group of diehard comrades that have your back in all settings — whenever you release a project, they show up without hesitation to ensure its success.

If you need trusted feedback on a new idea, they’re there to listen and give you a candid response.

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The Rise of the Anti-Authority


For a long time, authorities needed to be well decorated, institutionalized and formally educated.

Not anymore.

People everywhere are rising up and becoming their own authorities. They’re self qualifying, rather than relying on outside approval and traditional sanctioning.

The old path to success is fast becoming a graveyard. The new route is the next great adventure. But it’s not like The Wild West, a mystery waiting to be unveiled that will soon lose its luster. This pursuit will remain unknown, because you are the only one that can trek it.

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Ebooks Are Dead

Short lived was the life of the ebook.

Though things could have been different. The end of the digital self-publishing era didn’t have to come to such a tragic demise. It could have been prevented. But people just couldn’t respect the developing medium. There was too much exploiting. There was too much noise. Too many haphazard pages. Too much launch fatigue.

In the end, the ebook was just too frail to survive.

Of course this melancholy funeral procession is simply a glimpse at a potential reality.

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Screw You, I Quit!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Joshua Millburn.

Pay close attention, this story might be about you.

Once upon a time, there was a guy. This guy had it made. He was in his late twenties, he had a six-figure corporate job, he was well respected by his peers and subordinates and bosses at work, and he seemed passionate and friendly and outgoing and successful. He was living the corporate dream.

People saw his nice house with more bedrooms than inhabitants, his luxury car, his new gadgets, and his life of opulence and thought, I want to be like that guy.

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