February 2011

14 Strategies for Creating a Workspace that Kicks Ass and Keeps You Creative

I obsess over my workspace. It’s my sanctuary, my cave, my castle. It’s my personal laboratory for creating impactful, world-shifting work. Thus, I believe if you want to do kickass work, your workspace itself must kickass. Sure, you can create great things in a laundry room or a closet (I wrote my first ebook on a couch and in a grey cubicle), but it’s not ideal.

If you haven’t thought about creating a personal headquarters for great work, now’s a good time.

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How to Steal Someone’s Identity

(Note: This is the first post from Ev’Yan, the other half of Illuminated Mind. She’s been behind the scenes helping me with all of the content here since the beginning and this business would literally fall apart without her. I hope you give her a warm welcome. She has a lot of wisdom to share here.)

I hate flying.

So when it was suggested that I take a much needed visit to Portland, Oregon to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was forced to surrender to my fears.

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The Seven Rules of an Irresistible Offer

There is a lot of confusion out there (especially in the blogging space) about how to create an offer. Without a clear blueprint for structuring an offer that sells, you’re leaving your efforts up to chance.

And quite frankly, that sucks.

Working with my clients and creating my own offers, I’ve created a basic road map that I use for presenting any product or service I create. Specifically, there are seven rules for creating an offer that sells. I didn’t make these up, they are tested by the sweat, success and failure of marketing promotions.

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The Epic Move to Portland, and an Invitation to Meet Me in Person


After nearly eighteen hours of driving through fog, darkness, endless stretches of pavement and windy roads through the mountains, we wearily pulled into the driveway of our new home in Portland, Oregon.

Ah, the feeling of solid ground. Words cannot describe how much I’ve missed you.

Two months of planning, packing, and organizing behind us and we’re now completely set up in the new basecamp.

The welcome we’ve received here has been incredible. The environment here is very genuine, down to earth and friendly — just our style.

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