January 2011

Four Things in Business You Always Need to Be Thinking About

Without clear guideposts to direct you, it’s hard to know whether or not you’re spending time on the things that matter.

You could easily be flapping away in the winds of chaos. It may look impressive, but you’re not going anywhere.

So it can be useful to have a set of guiding focuses in your business.

These areas of focus help structure your action and act as a filter for whether or not you decide to do something. They also help you achieve balance in your actions, acting as a gauge to determine when you’re lopsided and have been spending too much time and energy in one area.

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How to Let Others Shine

There is an incredibly quick way to wake up from an overdose of self-importance: Helping others shine.

However, it’s easy to get caught up in the bubble of our self-sabotage when we think…

  • That others are always thinking about and watching you. (Hint: They’re probably thinking you’re thinking about them!)
  • We can do it all on our own.
  • Asking for help is a sign of weakness.
  • [insert your own ludicrous reason here]

When we become hyper focused on these merry-go-round thoughts, we forget about the incredible gifts others have.

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The Seductive Art of Paradigm Shifts

Life hinges upon paradigm shifts – those “big bang” moments that revolutionize thought by seemingly inverting the planet on its axis. Such has been true of history. Such is true now. And so it shall be this new year and every year in our future.

There can be no denying.

The wise man reflects upon where he has been as a measure of knowing where he is going. Let’s be wise together now…

  • All of mankind once knew the earth was flat.
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How to Quit Your Day Job

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the steps necessary to go from: a) working at a job that turns you into a zombie you’re not happy with to b) beginning self-employment.

What this guide is not: The following is not meant to teach you how to create a successful business. That is beyond the scope of this article.

So, if this isn’t meant to teach you how to create a business, how can it help you to quit your job?

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2010 Review; Acomplishments & Lessons Learned

2010 was the year of… Evolution. There wasn’t a single area that I feel can be pinpointed as having the biggest breakthrough. Therefore, 2010 was also The Year of Diversity.

Looking back at the year is always fun for me. I get to see what worked well, where I learned the most, and how my plans matched up to reality. First I’ll share some of the lessons I learned in business and in life, and then I’ll discuss accomplishments.

  1. Systems give you power.
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