December 2010

Why I Decided to Stop Offering Hourly Coaching

Deciding to relocate the Illuminated Mind Base Camp to Portland this February (2011) was easy, but I’ve been struggling with a making a another big decision for a while now.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stop offering hourly coaching on Illuminated Mind.

This wasn’t an easy choice to make, but ultimately it’s in my best interest and more importantly, in the best interest of my clients. Over the past few months I’ve been realizing that I can’t best serve my people with single sessions or even monthly coaching packages.

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Leave it all on the field

Right now, you have a choice. You can live life partially closed, or wide open.

You can spend each day feeling completely spent, knowing that you gave everything. Or you can hesitate, hold back, and obstruct what you have to give.

The first path is where you let your heart guide you, immersed in a deep curiosity and with a sense of exploration. You smile at what you have yet to do, because you know that each step will be joyful and deliberate.

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Dave Ursillo of

“Your problem is you are too busy holding on to your unworthiness.” ~Ram Dass

For all that we are free and empowered to do in this day and age, why is it that so few are willing to take a “leap of faith” and strive to better their lives as they wish?

The culprits that cripple dreams are oft-discussed by Jonathan here on Illuminated Mind: fear, self-doubt and unworthiness.

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Welcome to The Campfire Sessions. After getting back from a camping trip about a year ago with a bunch of awesome people, I was left thinking about all of the incredible conversations we had around the campfire. Kim Wood was one of those people, and she said to me: “Do you know what would be really awesome? If we could have conversations like that more often.” And I thought, Hell yeah, let’s do it.

Even though this series of discussions won’t be happening over a “real” campfire any time soon, I have to credit Kim for the idea.

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These days, a lot of people online want to sell you freedom. They say the way to freedom is through becoming self-employed, being location independent, or shedding all of your possessions.

But I don’t think freedom can ever be found by breaking free of anything. Because once you move in the direction to Freedom from X, you start to put yourself in opposition to X. And that’s when you put yourself into another pattern, another groove. Once you identify as counter-culture, you’ve become the thing you wanted to rid yourself of: conformity.

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