July 2010

All right, so I obviously didn’t spend a lot of time writing that title. But, there are some things I’d like to share with you and I figured the best way to do that is to just tell you about them.

Lift Off Retreat

First, my good friend and business partner Charlie Gilkey and Pamela Slim are doing their second Lift Off Retreat. If you’ve been wanting to connect with other people in person to get some support with your business, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Comfort isn’t just physical—it’s a state of mind, and a dangerous one that makes it easy to stay put. When you’re comfortable, you’re not challenging the world around you or even engaging with it; you’re simply blending in.

A slight level of discomfort creates a completely different mindset, one in which you’re eager to move and create. You become inquisitive; you explore and invent. Your role shifts from passive observer to active participant.

Many of us have become so comfortable in our lives that we’ve forgotten exactly HOW to make ourselves uncomfortable.

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There’s a senseless amount of content centered around being a better blogger. But does any of it really make you a better blogger?

Blogging about blogging. It has its place, but if that’s all everyone does it can get kind of redundant.

So no, this is not a post about how to blog. Don’t read this if you’re anticipating an article titled “67 Ways to be a Better Blogger.”

What I’d like to talk about is something completely different. It’s about having a reason to blog in the first place.

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Chances are, at some point you might have canceled your dreams. Someone probably told you that desires were wrong. You’re supposed to stomp out desire, have no preferences, and be unattached.

But then you probably got caught up in another loop: desiring not to desire. Which really sucks, because then you don’t just have these pesty desires to worry about, now you’ve got to worry about not desiring on top of that.

I’m going to guess that hasn’t worked for you very well if you’re still reading this.

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Sometimes it can be a bit scary following your dreams. You’re not sure where the path will take you, or if you’ll fail. Or maybe you’re not sure if you’ll end up liking the passion you pursue later on.

You’ll probably also have to deal with people around you that aren’t very supportive. And you have to find a way to support yourself financially while you follow your passion.

All of this stuff can feel a bit overwhelming.

Last week I asked people if they would be interested in a teleclass / hangout session / Q&A call on this topic.

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