June 2010

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jill Chivers from I’m Listening Now.

Most people reckon they know how to handle their emotions. It’s easy, right? You control them, you manage them (lest they manage you), you get on top of them. This is all advice that’s been touted loudly and long about how to ‘best’ your emotions.

Well, guess what? It’s all wrong. There’s only 3 approaches to emotions, and none of them is about “management”.

David Rock has written the brilliant Your Brain at Work.

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A few weeks ago marked the one year anniversary of my being self-employed. Since then, a lot of interesting things have happened: I released The Zero Hour Workweek, launched Paid to Exist, c0-created The Dojo, and started the Limit Breaker Sessions. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a ton of amazing people, and have woken up with excitement almost every day since the last day at my day job.

Looking back, it’s pretty awesome to see what I’ve accomplished in the last year.

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When it comes to being honest with yourself, sometimes it gets in the way of you expressing who you really are. That’s because the truth about your situation is NOT the truth about who you are.

If your current situation is not what you want, then being honest about it isn’t going to be very useful to you. Because being honest about it keeps you repeating the same story in your head, and in turn, keeps you experiencing the same situation and the same feelings surrounding it.

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I have some very exciting news for all of you.

For the past two years, my wife Ev’Yan has been working with Illuminated Mind behind the scenes. Not only has she edited every article here at IM (making sure my posts sound coherent and not ridiculous), but she’s also helped shape products and has played a significant supportive role in the development and success of this (our) business.

And now she’s stepping out of the shadows and into a more official role as Co-Pilot of things around here.

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On this day last year, I celebrated my first day of being 100% self employed. It’s been one year since I quit my job to try out this whole “doing what I want” thing and surprisingly, I haven’t ended up in a van down by the river yet.

When you decide that you’re going to deliberately determine the terms of your own life, you’ll probably be surprised at how hollow the supposed roadblocks really are.

Sometimes the remnants of the old reality creep in and I end up thinking that I need to meet certain requirements, quotas, or fulfill social expectations.

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