May 2010

The truth about your potential is probably more than you’re currently expressing. There are an endless number of possibilities with what you can achieve and how you can live your dreams. You are more powerful than you’d probably like to admit (because let’s be honest, it’s a bit scary to own your true power).

Yet, something is probably getting in the way of you expressing your true potential. Maybe it’s a limiting belief or mindset you’re holding about yourself or the way the world works.

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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” —Joseph Campbell

A lot of people talk about life purpose. They say it’s something you’ve got to find, something you have to figure out. It’s this elusive, intimidating thing, that if you don’t discover, will cause your life to be forever devoid of meaning.

Pretty terrifying, right?

No wonder so many people think they just don’t have a purpose, or that maybe they do, but it’s just too frightening of an idea to approach.

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There is a lot of pressure to do epic things; to achieve amazing, record-breaking success. And it often gets in the way of doing unremarkable, important things.

When I sat down to write today, I was trying to think of something interesting or remarkable to write about. I wanted to share something, but I felt inadequate because I didn’t have anything profound or mind-blowing to say. Nothing innovative or particularly uncommon flowed into my consciousness.

It made me feel pretty inadequate and unuseful.

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In this video I talk about why I decided to fight in my amateur MMA (mixed martial arts) fight last month. I talk about the difference between training and application (in a real situation), and how important it is to step into the game. Excuse my jacked up hair, I just got back from teaching JKD at the park near my house.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s original martial art), and how I train, check out Jeet Kune Do University.

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If water is too clear, it will not contain fish.
—Chinese proverb

As a culture, we have an obsession with cleanliness. It’s not just bodily cleanliness, though, it’s internal purification as well. We desire to be free of negativity and unwanted emotions and feelings.

So what we often do is push those unwanted feelings out. Or we cover them up with positive thinking. We think, “If I can just think positive enough, then the things I don’t want will disappear.”

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