April 2010

For a while I haven’t shared much when it comes to my experience eating raw. In this video I talk about how I’m doing eating raw foods, how I’m giving up coffee and the tools I’m using to help support me.

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Oscar from Freestyle Mind.

I’ve never been a perfect student, at least not in the way that school expected me to be. I’ve always been told by teachers that I had the potential to easily grasp any subject if I simply wanted to, but that was not enough for me to follow the traditional path they were trying to guide me toward. The fact is that school was not for me because I considered it to be boring and impractical.

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There are a lot of things in life that you want, might, can, or should do. But none of them are incredibly important when compared to what you must do.

And it’s fucking terrifying scary. I’m not sure there is anything more scary than deliberately choosing a purpose for your life. (Except for maybe having children. That’s hard to top.)

So, what is this must?

It’s about how your deep passion intersects with the value you can most provide the world.

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What I’m about to tell you isn’t the typical passion-drunken advice. No one really cares if you’re passionate about what you do, and no one cares if you do what you love for a living.

This isn’t the typical romanticized post about passion-filled work. Matter of fact, you probably won’t like what you’ll read in this article. You might just want to not read it.

But if, for some strange reason, you’re curious about the truth about “following your passion,” read on.

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