November 2009

De-Compartmentalizing Your Life and the Extinction of Boundaries

It could easily be said that my entire life’s purpose is to live in complete congruence.

I would say that that that is your life purpose as well — and perhaps everyone’s — if we take the idea far enough.

So first, let’s talk about what this even means. Because if you’re like me, the word “congruent” probably reminds you of 6th grade geometry and not much else. It actually has another meaning, though, and that is alignment.

When you’re living in complete congruence, complete alignment, no part of you is conflicting with any other part of you.

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The Number One Self Development Mistake, And The Fake Growth Addict

Not all that claims to be growth is real growth.

Much of what masquerades as growth is a narcissistic pursuit in a shrewd disguise.

What I’ve come to realize is that much of the time, when I think I’ve been growing, I haven’t really been growing. I’ve been trying to fix or improve myself.

The line between authentic growth on the one hand, and fake growth on the other, is an obscured landscape. Sometimes I think that I’m growing, and I really believe wholeheartedly that I am.

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