September 2009

Each year, on the day that I came “into the world,” I like to think about how I’m giving to others. I like to use my birthday as a way to reflect on how I’m using the life that’s been given me. To me, it’s a reminder that each day should be a celebration.

Last year, I did a round up of the best posts on Illuminated Mind. This year I wanted to up the ante.

For the next 24 hours (since I’m turning 24 today), you can get my ebook half off.

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Update: I no longer offer one-on-one coaching. Group coaching is now available through Trailblazer.

I realize that it’s difficult to make a commitment to a three month coaching package when you’ve never experienced coaching before. You don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know if it’s going to work. And the big one: you’re not sure if it’s actually going to be worth your money.

So, I’ve fixed that. I’ve created a brand new coaching program that solves all of those problems.

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What are you afraid of failing at?

Taking risks, doing things that are outside your comfort zone, or making mistakes? You’ve heard the question “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Well, writer and business man, Og Mandino, did this question one better. When he was asked what the secret of success was, he replied, “You should triple your rate of failure.”

What could you get from trying to fail?

  • You learn. You get a direct insight that is going to stay with you better than reading any blog post.
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The Zero Hour Workweek

You wanted to know how I liberated myself from my day job and began blogging full time. After over 100 hours of “work;” my new free ebook: The Zero Hour Workweek is now available to the world. The “zero” part means that when you do what you love, “work” no longer feels like work. I personally can no longer tell the difference between when I’m working and when I’m playing. Here’s what inside this 60 page document:

  1. My Story of Liberation.
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What are you absolutely certain of?

You probably think you know a lot of things about yourself. And it’s those things that you’re certain of that are holding you back.

You might be certain that…

  • You can only make X amount of money per month.
  • You’re not worth someone’s time.
  • You’re not cool/smart/attractive enough to be successful with him/her.
  • You don’t have enough time.
  • You’re a depressed person.
  • You’re not on “the same level” as your peers.
  • You’d never get a book deal.
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