August 2009

Is it really possible to be more successful by limiting yourself?


But limits are supposed to be evil and dirty; the enemies to our inner free spirit. Right?

Well what I’ve realized is that sometimes limits are actually the key to your success.

The Difference

There are unconsciously ingrained self-limitations. And there are consciously chosen self-limitations.

Unconsciously habituated limitations are the kind that just happen to you. You didn’t really choose them, they just kind of showed up. They might be the result of human domestication, institutionalization, or public schooling.

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By now, I’m sure you can see Illuminated Mind has a brand new look. I’ve been working on this new design for the past few weeks, with a lot of coding help from Ryan (thanks man!). If you need web development expertise, Ryan is definitely the guy you want to hire.

To say I’m excited about the new design would be an understatement — it’s been a long time coming. The message and direction of Illuminated Mind has really outgrown the original design and brand.

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