July 2009

Since quitting my job and becoming fully self-employed, a lot of people have been asking me how it’s going.

One person in particular asked: “How’s liberation feeling this week? Do you need some florescent lighting and lame memos sent to you?”

No thanks.

I wanted to give you a personal update of how things are going for me, and how liberation measures up when the rubber hits the road.

What I love:

  • Deciding what I work on. This is hands down the biggest benefit to working for yourself.
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Like 99% of the world, you probably think you need to become someone.

Well, you don’t. The only thing you need to become is who you are. Because if you’re like most people, you’re probably not who you really are all the time. You might be yourself when the situation is comfortable. You might be yourself when the risk of defending your ego is minimal.

But you’re probably not who you really are all the time.

It’s weird how when we’re little kids, our parents tell us “You can be anything you want when you grow up.” As if we should be anything other than ourselves, right?

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I’d like to tell you a little bit about how powerful coaching has been for me. Using coaches has been the most powerful catalyst for success and has changed my life.

By hiring professional coaches, I’ve been able to make huge leaps of success in my personal and professional life (I’ve had multiple coaches).

I’ve used a life coach, a business coach, and a product launch coach. I’ve also had a marketing coach and a martial arts coach.

Without coaching, I wouldn’t have experienced the amount of success I’ve had in life.

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All interferences to self-actualization can be summed up under one obstruction:


You are being inhibited in some way, but it’s not likely coming from somewhere “out there.” YOU are probably the one that’s holding yourself back. That’s because 99% of limitation is self-imposed.

These limiting beliefs are the enemy of the free mind.

But what’s really important to note is this:

Whatever beliefs you have, whether they define you as a person or define the core of your reality, are not true in and of themselves.

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