June 2008

So it’s taken me a little while to actually make this initial post. For all of you wondering what the hell has been going on around here, this is the new name of the previous JonathanMead.com. So if you tried going to the old domain and were wondering why you were brought here, rest assured, it’s still me.

By now, you probably know what I meant, when I said I couldn’t illuminate anything yet. I wanted to wait a little while to make the announcement of the new blog, and to give the previous post more exposure.

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First Kiss

For a long time, I debated as to whether or not I should write about my path to personal growth. After much reflection, I decided that if there’s at least one person that can be inspired or learn something from my story, it’s worth sharing. This is a story about how one day changed my life; the day of my overdose.

A Curious Boy

Since I was a young boy, I’ve always had a desire to figure out how things worked, taking them apart and putting them back together.

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I’ve been working feverishly on some exciting changes that will be happening soon here. I can’t illuminate anything yet, but keep your eyes peeled (or exfoliated at least). In case you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately, these changes have been consuming my time.

I’ll be rolling out the changes to my blog sometime next week. In the meantime head over to Pick The Brain and check out my guest post: Why Do We Avoid Doing What We Love?

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photo by madhava

Our agreements with ourselves determine how we behave, what we believe is possible and impossible. We have many agreements with ourselves, the only problem is many of these agreements go against us. Self-limiting beliefs rob us of our freedom. We can blame the state of our lives on others, society, or our environment, but we will never be free unless we take responsibility for own freedom.

The agreements you’ve made with yourself can either be an elevator or a cage.

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