April 2008

Self Love; a Puja to Yourself

In my past I’ve had a lot of failed relationships. I was never able to understand why these relationships failed until I took a closer look at myself. I realized that I was seeking approval and love from my partner, before I found it within myself. I was looking for something from someone else that only I could give myself. The more I realized the importance of finding validation within me, I begin to take steps to love myself more fully.

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Pick The Brain just hit publish on a guest post I did for them.

“One simple fact divides effective and ineffective people: effective people spend the majority of their time working on important rather than urgent things.

Have you ever felt like you spend a lot of time being really busy, but at the end of the day you don�t feel like you�ve really accomplished anything? I�ve felt this way on many occasions…”

Check it out here: Important vs. Urgent: 5 Ways to Focus On What Really Matters

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Peace Within

photo by carf

Life can become very hectic at times and it’s easy to lose sight of what is truly important. With the ups and downs of day-to-day life, our emotions can take us on a roller coaster ride. When things are going our way and our expectation are met, we feel good. But when we lose focus and stumble off our path it’s hard not to let our frustration get the best of us.

Regardless of the valleys and hills of life, we can remain centered by using gratitude as a tool.

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The biggest factor in determining the quality of our relationship is the way we view other people, particularly our partner. There are many books, seminars and couples retreats that are designed to help you improve your relationship. But is there something we can possibly learn from treating our partner the way we treat our dog?

This advice might sound a little unusual, but just go with me for a second.

We accept our dog unconditionally, because we know they’re a dog.

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I thought you guys might be interested in my guest post at Dumb Little Man:

11 Ways to Improve Your Health You (probably) Haven’t Heard Of

I wanted to expand a little beyond the common ways people normally cite to improve your health. We all know diet, exercise, plenty of water and a good nights rest can do wonders for your health. But if you want to go beyond just the norm?

Neti pots, skin brushing and Tai Chi walking are just a few of the examples I talk about.

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