Every day bled into the next. Time began to lose meaning. Just another day, another week. Another year. Life quickly slipping away.

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“Jonathan Mead kicks ass. It’s really that simple. He beams an aura of genuine interest and compassion. My blog continues to explode, my passion for my work deepens daily, and I’m finally starting to live my life deliberately.”

Adam BakerMan vs. Debt

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She didn’t know where her life was headed, but she did know one thing: something had to change. This wasn’t the life she planned. She needed a catalyst....

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The #1 Purpose Mistake; and the Seductive Myth of Readiness

The #1 Purpose Mistake; and the Seductive Myth of Readiness

Not yet was his unspoken mantra — or so it seemed. He never would have admitted that, of course. But to his friend, it felt like that was Lachlan’s slogan. It became a kind of running joke. He was always doing something to get ready. Collecting books could have been a full time job for him. 20 or 30 books on any topic he was interested in lined the shelves in his living room. He could tell you all the things you needed… read more →

A Cyber Monday Deal Worth Opening?

I want to help you actually wake up excited on Mondays. Not just for Cyber Monday (so you can be told to buy stuff you don’t need), but every Monday. That’s why for 24 hours only, I’m making Trailblazer 50% off. Trailblazer will help you: Find your passion Create your offer to the world and make at least $1,000 in the next six months doing what you love If you do the work and it doesn’t accomplish all that, I will… read more →