Every day bled into the next. Time began to lose meaning. Just another day, another week. Another year. Life quickly slipping away.

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“Jonathan Mead kicks ass. It’s really that simple. He beams an aura of genuine interest and compassion. My blog continues to explode, my passion for my work deepens daily, and I’m finally starting to live my life deliberately.”

Adam BakerMan vs. Debt

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She didn’t know where her life was headed, but she did know one thing: something had to change. This wasn’t the life she planned. She needed a catalyst....

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Are You Focusing on Growth or Maintenance?

Note: This is part of a series on momentum. You can view the full series here. Are you focusing every day on activities that grow your business, or are you only doing thing that keep it going? Too much work on maintenance activities is a common mistake most people make. It’s easy to get sucked into no matter what stage of business you’re at. This is all good and fine if you either don’t care about growing, or if your business… read more →

The Four Ingredients for Momentum and Inevitable Success

The success or failure of every project I’ve worked on has come down to one thing. The supply of an elusive, sometimes maddeningly mystical fuel source. Momentum. Even the word momentum has a beautiful, addictive quality to it when spoken. Mo-ment-um. Yum. It rolls off your tongue smoothly. It’s like the intoxicating sweetness of salted caramel, with a ZING of tart apple crispness. It has the burning energy of muscles pumping, sweat dripping with a cool, exhilarating autumn breeze. Runner’s high does indeed feel… read more →